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Wine Ceremony...

The Wine Ceremony is usually placed near the end of the ceremony, just before you are pronounced husband and wife.

[Officiant uncorks a bottle of wine the couple has chosen and pours a single glass for them to share.]

Officiant:  A good wine, like a good marriage, is the result of many years of hard work. There is the unhurried nurturing of the vine and tender care of the grape, thoughtful mix of ingredients, patient fermenting -- yielding the unique flavors of each passing year.

So let this first glass of wine that you taste together celebrate all that has brought you to this moment, expressing hope and faith in the commitments you have made here today. And let it symbolize for you how sharing the partnership of marriage not only doubles the sweetness of life, but also lightens the burden of its bitterness by half.

[Officiant gives glass to groom who holds it for bride to sip; she then holds it for groom to sip.]

Officiant:  To the bountiful harvest of your life together.



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