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Some Sample Vows...

Many couples like to create their own vows to more warmly reflect the personality of their relationships and the unique qualities of their commitment to each other. Here are some samples you may want to use or borrow from.

I take you, this day as my husband/wife, and I promise to walk by your side, as your best friend, your lover and your soul mate. You are my beloved one and I am proud to marry you. I promise to support your dreams and to be there for you at all times.

I acknowledge my love for you and invite you to share my life as I hope to share yours. I promise to walk by your side, to love, help and encourage you. I promise to take time to share with you, to listen and to care. I will share your laughter and your tears as your partner, lover and friend. I promise to respect and honor you as an individual and to be conscious of your needs. I will give every effort through kindness and compassion to achieve with you the life we plan together.

Every experience we have ever had, everything we have ever done, everything we have ever learned, has brought us to this moment when we stand before these witnesses to take each other as husband and wife. As we look to the future together, I promise to stand by your side, as we face new experiences, always growing together, honoring, respecting and cherishing each other through everything life has in store for us. We bring our individual strengths and weaknesses to this marriage, but as we stand together as one. May we complement each other and be exactly what each other needs as our love and commitment continue to deepen throughout our married life.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be the one you have chosen as your life's mate. I promise to be a true and faithful husband/wife, to love you, respect you and be honest with you always. I promise to be supportive of your goals and as you grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, I will be by your side caring for and helping you all the way. Never be afraid to confide in me...I promise to be a good listener and a safe confidant. You are always welcome in my innermost world, and I promise to share my goals and ideas with you. As we grow together throughout our marriage, there are no limitations on the possibilities of our relationship. I believe in you, ___________ and I will be there for you.

It took me a long time to finally find someone I wanted to marry. My standards were high ... very high, but they were met when I found you. You have all those qualities I was hoping to find: You’re not only a beautiful person on the outside, but on the inside as well; you’re honest, unselfish, loving, caring and supportive ... my ideal woman/man in every way. My standards were high, but now I have a new goal -- to be the faithful, committed husband/wife you deserve. I promise to honor you, respect you, love and cherish you as my husband/wife, from this day forward.

My pride in you is unsurpassed, and the happiness that you bring to me is unending. You are like a precious gift that keeps on giving. You have fulfilled my life in unique and wonderful ways. I know that I can count on you, for you are helpful, dependable and trustworthy. Your smiles and laughter light up my days, and there's no one else I'd rather spend time with. I wish I could give you everything you could ever want. But all I can promise you is my love, unconditional, complete and forever.

Where there has been cold, you have brought warmth; where my life was dark, you have brought light. (Name), I pledge before this assembled company to be your (husband/wife) from this day forward. Let us make of our two lives, one life, and let us always honor and respect each other.

(Name), our miracle lies in the path we have chosen together. I enter this marriage with you knowing that the true magic of love is not to avoid changes, but to navigate them successfully. Let us commit to the miracle of making each day work - together.

Whatever lies ahead, good or bad, we will face together. Distance may test us for a time, and time may tire us. But if we look to each other first, we will always see a friend. (Name), look to me for all the days to come; today I take my place as your (husband/wife).


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