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Vows that acknowledge the children who will become part of your marriage tug very hard at the heart strings. They can also help these young ones feel more secure and loved as they adjust to the changes your marriage brings to their lives. Here are some sample vows that may help you express your commitment to little ones in the new family you are forming.
As a separate note, if the two of you are expecting a child, I would especially encourage you to include your little baby in your ceremony. Welcome and celebrate the third life that is present there, being joined together with both of yours on your wedding day.

Not only do I promise to be a good husband/wife to you, but I also give my promise to be a patient, loving father/mother to __________ and________, caring for them and providing for them as my own. I promise to be their strength and their emotional support, loving them with all my heart from this day forward.

As the two of us are joined on this day, we become part of each other: your feelings become my feelings; your sorrows become my sorrows; your joys become my joys; your cares become my cares, and your child/children become(s) my child/children. I promise to be a true and faithful husband/wife and father/mother, always there to comfort you, rejoice with you and endure all the complexities of life that we will face together as a family over the years to come. My love for you and this/these child/children is pure and unshakable, and I hereby commit myself to both/all of you from this day forward.

I have promised to love you and to be your husband/wife, but I would like to add another vow, a promise to love __________________ as my own child, to provide for him/her and to be a faithful father/mother, always concerned for his/her welfare and his/her needs.

_______________, I love your Mommy/Daddy very, very much, and today I have taken her/him as my wife/husband. But you know that I love you dearly as well. I want to be as a father/mother to you, and I invite you into my heart. We will have happy times together, you and your Mommy/Daddy and I. And with this (ring or other token) I pledge to you my love.


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