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Unity Candle Ceremony...

(Officiant lights the separate candle sticks representing the bride and groom.)

There are many traditions and rituals commonly included in marriage ceremonies. One of the most beautiful and expressive is the "Unity Candle." Two fires, separate and individual, uniting their flames to burn as one.

Imagine how you might describe fire to someone who had never experienced it before. It is difficult to say what it is, because it is both substance and energy at the same time. The best you might do is to say that there is always plain evidence of it when it exists, and that you can feel its warmth.

Love similarly would be hard to describe to someone who had never experienced it before, except to say there is always visible evidence of it when it exists...and you can feel its warmth.

(Bride's name) and (Groom's name), as a symbol of the union of your separate selves, would you now light the Unity Candle...

(With their candle sticks, Bride & Groom light the larger Unity Candle together.)



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