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Vows for Mid-Life Couples...

Often I find it necessary to reword my ceremonies to better suit couples who have experienced much more of life, love and relationships. The changes that your love brings to you both in mid-life is something you may want to reflect in your vows. Here are samples that you might find something of yourselves in and want to borrow from.

Your love has restored my broken heart; your smile has healed my pain; and your caring spirit has rescued mine from dark places. I love you, and I promise to care for you, to comfort you and to cherish you always.

You have brought back the sunshine to my soul, the joy to my days, and love to my life. I take you now as my husband/wife. May every moment of our lives be full of an awareness of our existence for each other. My heart is open and my soul rejoices this day as we become one.

“When I first met you, I was drawn to you irresistibly, but I was determined never to marry again. But your love was so tender and genuine, so compassionate and caring, until you crept slowly into my life and filled my being, as your love fell softly onto my heart. You have turned my life around; it will never be the same. Each day is a new delight, a new awakening. My heart belongs to you, and I promise before these witnesses, to stand beside you, upholding you, cherishing you for the rest of our days together.

I promise to blot away your tears with my laughter, and your pain with my caring and my compassion. We will white out the old canvases of our lives and fill them with new color and beauty. I give myself to you completely as your husband/wife and I promise to love you always.

Today I have come to marry my best friend, my life-saver, my sweetheart. Before I met you, I was only half a person, filled with sadness and regret. But your love has made me whole again. Together we will face life with gladness and thanksgiving, welcoming whatever lies in store for us. l am humbled by your love, and I will stay with you for all of our days. I accept you as my husband/wife; will you accept me as your husband/wife?


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