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Weather and physical comfort...

If you are planning to have your wedding outdoors in the summer, please consider how brutal the SoCal sun can be during that time of the year.

At 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. in some locations it can still be in the high 80s or low 90s, especially in July, August and early September. With that kind of heat factor, your wedding photographer can end up taking pictures of the bride's make-up running down her face. The armpits of the groom's tux will be soaked. Insects will be buzzing around your beautiful wedding cake, which will be melting in the heat. Your guests will be less than comfortable as well.

These images are not just over-dramatic exaggerations. I've seen all this and worse at outdoor summer weddings.

Typically I keep a few fresh kleenex tissues in my suit jacket pocket to slip to extremely teary or sniffly couples during their ceremony (in my experience, there's no such thing as tearproof mascara or lash liner). During the summers, I remember to carry a few soft paper towels too -- useful for anyone who needs to tidy up a sweaty face or neck moments before a ceremony. Not to be indelicate, but I've had grooms, best men, photographers, musicians, stuff my paper towels in their armpits for a little extra absorption -- and come back minutes later asking if I had any more.

If you want to marry outdoors, do it in the morning, late at night, in the Spring, Autumn, or milder Winter months -- or in a place where there is LOTS of shade. Some of our local botanical gardens and historic homes on large tree covered lots are good venues to consider.

Also think about wedding apparel that is more forgiving of hot climate. "Formal, dressy or casual" is by no means the full spectrum of your options. You'll hear terms like "beach formal" and "beach dressy" used commonly on the SoCal coast. Barefoot is frequently de rigueur on our beaches, but there are also some very stylish and dressy leather sandals for both women and men available at better shoe outlets. You can look stunning and still be comfortable at your wedding.

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