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Be sure to have checks written to your caterer, officiant, photographer, florist, etc., in advance of your wedding day. Don't forget your marriage license -- your minister/officiant acts as an "officer of the court" and is required to take possession of the license and examine it for any obvious errors before performing your ceremony. Make certain that all other paperwork and money matters are completed before your ceremony begins as well, because afterwards you'll be too elated and busy socializing with your guests to want to deal with it.

The marriage you're entering into is a legal and financial partnership -- just like a business partnership. Something I commonly advise couples to include in their wedding budget is the cost of one hour of a tax accountant's time and one hour of a family law attorney's time. If neither of you already has a rapport with individuals in these two professions, an excellent time to establish those connections is prior to your wedding day. Then they are always just a phone call or an e-mail away when a sudden need arises.

Your accountant can advise you in regard to the tax implications of your new marital status. It's best to know in advance about all the advantages and possible disadvantages you may face, given your unique circumstances. That way you're better able to plan for them together rather than having them sneak up and surprise you as a tax filing deadline approaches.

Your attorney can advise you concerning the legal implications of your new marital status as husband and wife. If you do not already have new wills drafted or other documents such as medical directives that take each other into account, you can go ahead and have them drawn up so they'll be ready for signatures as you begin your married life. You'd be shocked how many couples end up several years into a marriage and usually facing an extreme medical emergency before they ever get around to dealing with these important documents. Best to do it now.

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