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Let go and delegate...

Trying to personally control all the details of your wedding day is a sure formula for enjoying the event far less than you should. As the day approaches, let go, accept help and delegate responsibility!

Few things in life are more satisfying than the feeling of helping someone who truly appreciates it. I believe that helping each other is what human beings do best. You know that people are always asking you, "What can I do to help?" When it comes to your wedding day, no matter how fiercely independent and self-reliant you may ordinarily be, take them up on the offer. Allow them to have that wonderful feeling of helping you, while you have the wonderful experience of an easier wedding day. It's a win-win scenario for everyone.

Each of you should choose an outgoing, responsible individual to be your personal assistant for your wedding day. Let them manage money and attend to all the details for you. Pick someone with a head for keeping track of contracts, checks and other business matters. Make sure they understand that their job is to "run interference" for you and keep anything stressful or irritating from getting through to you.

The task of greeting arriving guests typically falls to the groom, best man and groomsmen, as the bride and her attendants are busy getting beautiful for the ceremony. To better deal with the arrival crush right before your wedding, pick a few friends or family members with good social skills and ask them to be greeters as well. Then when it's time for groom and groomsmen to withdraw for the ceremony to start, your greeters can take over welcoming last minute arrivals and moving all your guests toward their seats.

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