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If you are planning to say any lines or words during the ceremony, rehearse them first. Practice saying your vows to one another and see how it sounds. Many couples write flowery, wordy vows, but when it's time to say them during the ceremony, end up giggling because it sounds so corny then. Practice first.

The same is true for any readings -- a poem or passage for example -- that may be given by a friend. Listen to how it sounds out loud before you commit to using it in your ceremony.

Don't worry about remembering your vows. That's why we use the "repeat after me" method.

During the ceremony, you don't have to always look at the officiant. Look at each other. Smile, giggle, cry, whisper things to one another. You don't have to be formal or stiff. Make it fun. Above all else, be yourselves.

Unexpected things that occur can make your wedding day all the more memorable and give you far better stories to retell years from now. Embrace the uncertainties. Keep your eyes on each other, and allow the day to be wonderful.

Resolve between you that your wedding day will be about the two of you. Let it be one of the most delightful days you spend together. Don't let yourselves get bogged down in details, and don't fret the small stuff. Enjoy what you have created that is beautiful and perfect -- and accept the rest with a smile. You have each other. That's what this day is about.

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