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Especially if your ceremony is outdoors, make sure you don't have an audio problem. Before the big day, go to the site and see how well you can be heard. One of you should stand on the spot where you will be standing during the ceremony, and the other stand where the farthest guest will be seated. Speak in a normal tone of voice.

Can the farthest guest hear you? If not, you'll need a microphone. If there's wind or water (the ocean surf or a tiny waterfall can interfere with sound), the ceremony will need to be amplified.

Your DJ or sound technician can help you with this. If the wedding is at a restaurant, hotel or other large public place, microphones may be provided. Be sure to ask.

A single hand-held microphone is sufficient for most weddings. Your minister or officiant will be speaking during most of your ceremony and can hand the microphone to any other presenters or readers to use. Your officiant can then hold the microphone for both of you to speak into while you hold hands to repeat your vows and exchange rings. Or if you decide to speak your vows to each other from the heart rather than repeat them, you may be more comfortable holding the microphone yourself, passing it to each other and then back to your officiant.

A sound check shortly before your ceremony is a must to assure that everything is set up correctly, still plugged in and standing by with volume adjusted to a comfortable level. A backup microphone hidden somewhere at the front or on a mic stand just out of the way is a good idea in case of a glitch with the main microphone.

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